Food Industry Webinar:
Sustainable Cleaning Practice
Part of the Food Industry Webinar Series: Culture in Hygiene.
Hygiene Team Engagement
& Retention

Mon 12th September 1:30pm

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Cleaning Efficiency – Maximising the Hygiene Window

Thurs 20th October 3:30pm

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Sustainable Cleaning

Wed 23rd November 1:30pm

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Culture in Hygiene: Sustainable Cleaning Practice

Wednesday 23rd November 2022, 1:30 - 2:15 pm

Across the food and beverage industry, hygiene teams perform a crucial role in keeping factories clean, compliant and risk-free. At the heart of this is a culture which puts food safety and hygiene first. But with rising energy bills, material costs and the ongoing pressure to minimise waste, how can teams achieve leading hygiene standards in a sustainable way?

Dan Turner
FoodClean by QJS
Alex Carlyon
Klipspringer Ltd
Phil Kulkowski
Senior Hygiene Consultant
The six key webinar topics:
1. Water & Chemical Wastage
2. Energy Consumption
3. Transport & Packaging
4. Hygiene Efficiency
5. Longevity of Equipment
6. Robotics & Automation