Detectable Utensils

Product integrity demands no compromise.

Klipspringer is the approved UK and Ireland agent for the Retreeva Global range of food contact approved metal and x-ray detectable solutions.  From food safety pens and markers to scoops, scrapers, shovels, safety knives and brushes, Klipspringer's range of Retreeva Global products deliver the ultimate in detectability, without compromising operator performance and efficiency. 

If comprehensive traceability, true piece of mind and global consistency are important to you, choose Retreeva Global detectable products from Klipspringer.  

Call 01473 461 800 to discuss your application with a specialist adviser.  

Detectable Pens Detectable Pens A wide selection of metal and x-ray detectable stationery, including pens for every application from the cold to the damp. Industry leading design in detectability and user performance. Markers, clipboards and ring-binders complete the lineup. View products
Detectable Stationery Detectable Stationery Detectable stationery items such from rulers to calculators, lanyards and stapless staplers from Klipspringer - all made from metal detectable materials for maximum safety. View products
Detectable Test Pieces for Metal Detectors Detectable Test Pieces for Metal Detectors The performance and accuracy of metal detectors is of utmost importance. Klipspringer test wands are available in a selection of ball sizes from 0.5 to 20.0mm in ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel options. Colour coded for visual identification. View products
Detectable Safety Knives Detectable Safety Knives One of the utensils to come into the closest direct contact with food and ingredients, Klipspringer's range of detectable safety knives give that extra piece of mind and assurance. 'Penguin', 'fish', 'twin-wing' and retractable options available. View products
Detectable Brushes Detectable Brushes Taking metal detection and quality control one step further with Klipspringer brushware with detectable bristles. Made with food contact approved materials. View products
Metal Detectable Scrapers and Spatulas Detectable Scrapers & Spatulas Klipspringer's metal detectable scrapers are stocked in both plastic and stainless steel materials, with options for both stubborn and light applications. View products
Detectable Buckets, Jugs and Scoops Detectable Buckets, Jugs and Scoops Take your quality control regime to the next level using food contact approved, detectable buckets. Fully graduated, with a host of performance and hygiene enhancing features. Choose from polypropylene and stainless steel. View products
Detectable Shovels & Paddles Detectable Shovels & Paddles Whether moving or stirring, Klipspringer's range of colour coded, detectable shovels and paddles has a solution for every application, including ergo. one-piece shovels and the new ergo. hand shovel with hanging eye. View products
Detectable First Aid Detectable First Aid All Klipspringer detectable plasters are latex free and hypo-allergenic. As well as being available in a selection of sizes, A-Care and AeroPlast benefit from SupaBond adhesive and SupaSorb wound pads for unrivalled care. View products
Detectable Identification Tags & Cable Ties Detectable Identification Tags & Cable Ties From identification tags to cable ties, the Klipspringer detectable tag range is available in a selection of food contact approved colours. The unique TuffX universal identification tag is hardwearing, pliable and adjustable. View products