Scales & Balances

Klipspringer's comprehensive range of scales and balances ensures you have the right equipment for everything from regular routine weight checks to washdown and clean room environments. Before making a decision about your scales and balances, you will need to evaluate the following factors:

  • What application(s) will your scale be used for?
  • What size does the pan or platform of your scale need to be?
  • What capacity do you require?
  • What weighing units do you need?
  • What are your readability requirements?
  • Do you require any special features?
Click here to access our guide to making the right decision for your site, plus learn more about the Klipspringer Scales Trade-In Scheme.
Klipspringer KS1, Stainless Steel Washdown Scales IP68 Klipspringer KS1, Stainless Steel Washdown Scales IP68 IP68-rated for ultimate protection in damp environments available in 4 capacity options (4kg to 32kg) View products
Gladiator Washdown Scales Gladiator Washdown Scales Robust, industrial IP67-rated scale, ideal for factory use, available in 3 capacity options (8kg to 35kg). View products
Accessories Accessories Accessories for Scales and Balances View products
Crane Scales Crane Scales Explore our industrial scales, crafted for heavy loads in shipping and production. Ruggedly constructed with bright LED displays, rotating hooks, lightweight designs, and remote controls, these scales meet industrial demands. View products
Highland® Portable Precision Balances Highland® Portable Precision Balances Compact, durable balance with excellent linearity (up to +/- 0.02g), available in 4 capacity options (300g to 1500g). View products
Latitude Compact Bench Scale Latitude Compact Bench Scale Ideal for production, warehouse or the lab. Available in 4 different sizes (3 to 30Kg). View products
Luna Analytical Scales Luna Analytical Scales The Luna Precision scale offers a readability of 0.001g and 0.0001g and can perform basic and detailed measuring tasks. View products
Pallet Truck Scales Pallet Truck Scales Range of pallet trucks for different applications, well-suited for a range of commercial applications, including warehouses, shipping departments, and production floors. View products
Platform Scales Platform Scales Designed for weighing pallets, crates, and large containers, the platform features an innovative X frame underneath, reinforcing and strengthening it for improved support. View products
Trade Approved Scales (EC Approved) Trade Approved Scales (EC Approved) Range of different EC approved scales, used for trade and retail. View products
VSPW Bench and Floor Scale VSPW Bench and Floor Scale Bench and Floor Scales, suited for food processing, warehouse or lab. Capacity options (6kg to 200kg). View products