ESD and Anti-static Equipment

Klipspringer's new range of electrostatic discharge utensils (commonly called ESD tools) suits all types of hazardous environments where static discharge is a safety concern.

Anti-Static Brushes & Tools

Our product range includes anti-static brushes as well as non-sparking tools such as shovels, pans, scoops and scrapers, all of which are ESD certified.

Tested & Proven ESD Supplies

All conductive products have been tested and proven to meet the following standards:
• ESD TR53-01-06 Compliance verification of ESD protective equipment and materials, ESD association (USA).
• ASTMD-257-78: Electrical resistance measurement methods of insulating materials.
• CENELEC/TR 50404-2003: Electrostatics– Code of practice for the avoidance of hazards due to static electricity.
Browse our comprehensive range of ESD equipment and non-sparking tools below or call 01473 461800 to discuss your application.
ESD Brushes ESD Brushes A wide range of specialist conductive brushware certified to meet ESD and anti-static legislation. From hand brushes to floor sweepers, we've got it covered in our ESD range. View products
ESD Hand Tools ESD Hand Tools A specialist selection of ESD certified anti-static hand tools including conductive shovels, scoops, scrapers, pans and buckets. View products