Thermometers and Probes

Lead your compliance agenda forward by using digital probe thermometer and infrared thermometers from Klipspringer, designed to meet the precise needs of your industry.
We offer a broad selection of digital food temperature probes and thermometers (including reference instruments), as well as infrared thermometers, for every stage of the food supply chain, from slaughter or harvest, to prep, cook and cool, deep freeze, as well as storage and distribution.  These are supported by a wide choice of probe configurations and accessories helping you to deliver enhanced performance and efficiency in the food and beverage manufacturing environment in support of HACCP and quality control.
Klipspringer is the UK partner for the Ebro Electronic brand of instruments, in addition to our own proven brand LAZA Precision.  
Order your destructive probes and non-destructive thermometers from Klipspringer online today, for same-day despatch.


Food Industry Thermometers Food Industry Thermometers Hand held digital food thermometers - choose the best one for your application from: - detachable probe - captive / one piece - folding probe options View products
Probe attachments Probe attachments Fast response penetration, heavy duty penetration, air, between pack, immersion and surface probes available with straight or coiled leads in up to six colours. View products
Infrared thermometers Infrared thermometers Provide quick and fast assessment of surface temperatures where the item is out of reach, or when destructive methods are not acceptable. View products
Thermometer Kits Thermometer Kits Instrument station starter kits that help to save space, as well as ensuring production is more efficient and hygienic by reducing damages and increasing traceability. View products
Reference Thermometers Reference Thermometers UKAS certificated instruments provide the reference standard for audit requirements or as a means of validating working instruments. View products
Thermometer accessories Thermometer accessories Supporting compliance, performance and maximum life span of thermometers. Colour coded protection, faceplates and storage units. View products
Probe wipes Probe wipes Probes must be thoroughly sanitised to avoid cross contamination and avoid harbouring bacteria. Available in a selection of different size tubs and also foil wrapped. View products