WashGuard Chemical Resistant Clothing

When your employees are equipped with the right kind of workwear, they can carry out their tasks far more safely and efficiently. Factory cleaners in particular require suitable wetsuits and waterproof items, ranging from aprons, jackets and trousers to coveralls, wellingtons and gloves.

By investing in WashGuard workwear for your hygiene operators, your business will instantly benefit from greater efficiency and increased productivity.

  • WashGuard is fully waterproof and chemically resistant, ensuring that your workers are protected against hazardous work environments at all times.
  • Reflective strips help your cleaners to remain visible even when working in dark settings, such as during night shifts and outdoors.
  • Designed for ultimate levels of comfort, WashGuard allows factory cleaners to get more done in less time.
  • Extreme durability means that your employees can thoroughly clean all areas of your workplace without having to worry about causing wear and tear to the fabric.
  • All of our protective clothing is easy to put on and take off, which saves your cleaners time and prevents stress.
  • Safety features such as enhanced grip on WashGuard wellingtons and gloves facilitates safe and effective cleaning.
  • WashGuard clothing also brings greater peace of mind to employee and employer alike, as each item has been specifically developed and manufactured to protect the wearer’s health, safety and wellbeing.