Production Equipment

Colour coded production equipment

We stock a range of colour coded production equipment that will fit in with your colour coding policy. We have a wide variety of sizes and colours of our shovels, paddles, scrapers, scoops, buckets and much more. Now also available in Pink!

Stainless steel 

We also have extremely durable stainless steel production equipment ranging from buckets to scrapers and utensils, made from high quality stainless steel. 

Safety knives, identification tags and sampling tools

New to the Klipspringer website is the sampling tools, ideal for in-house sampling of ingredients or products. Ensuring that all standards are met at all times. You can use the identification tags to mark batches, boxes and more to keep track of everything. 

Safety knives are also part of our range as they are an essential item in the food factory, ensuring no one gets cut or knives get lost. 

Shovels & Forks Shovels & Forks Klipspringer offers a range of food contact approved one-piece, two-piece, and hand shovels in up to 11 colours. Ergonomic, one-piece shovels improve operator posture reducing H&S risks. View products
Paddles Paddles Klipspringer offers a food contact approved and colour coded paddle for every application - from short handheld stirrers, to long-reach heat resistant paddles. View products
Scrapers & Spatulas Scrapers & Spatulas Klipspringer's food contact approved hygiene scraper range includes stainless steel and colour coded scrapers/spatulas for every application, no matter how demanding or delicate. View products
Scoops Scoops Klipspringer's range of colour coded and food contact approved scoops includes round bowl scoops, graduated fodder scoops and ergo. rectangular scoops, from 250g to 2ltrs, in up to 11 colours. View products
Jugs, Measuring Cylinders & Sprayers Jugs, Measuring Cylinders & Sprayers Klipspringer offers a wide range of food contact approved jugs, cylinders and sprayers - including colour coded and clear graduated pouring jugs, as well as graduated stainless steel jugs. View products
Buckets Buckets Regular wash-down buckets to graduated stainless steel buckets. The Klipspringer food contact approved bucket is available in 11 colours, delivering the ultimate in hygiene and performance. View products
Facilities Management Facilities Management Litter pickers to safety signs, spill containment to grit bins, drum trolleys to floor safety matting, Klipspringer offers many facilities support items. View products
Stainless Steel Equipment Stainless Steel Equipment Klipspringer's range of stainless steel scoops, scrapers, graduated buckets and jugs are manufactured from food contact approved stainless steel, grade 316. View products
Cutting Boards Cutting Boards Medium and heavy duty colour coded, food contact approved chopping boards, in a number of sizes and 5 colour options from stock. Bespoke dimensions available by special order. View products
Knives Knives Klipspringer's range of production and safety knives includes detectable and food contact approved options. View products
Identification Tags and Cable Ties Identification Tags and Cable Ties From identification tags to cable ties, the KsPrism range is available in a selection of food contact approved colours. The unique TuffX universal identification tag is hardwearing, pliable and adjustable. View products
Safety Steps Safety Steps Klipspringer stocks a comprehensive range of plastic safety steps. Here you'll find single step, double step and triple step products, as well as steps with handrail – available in a selection of colours. View products
Food Contact Suitable Food Breaker Food Contact Suitable Food Breaker Designed to allow the gentle breaking apart of clumped individually frozen materials. View products
Sampling Equipment Sampling Equipment Klipspringer offers a wide range of different sampling tools for different areas and needs, in a number of sizes and dimensions. View products
Detectable Test Pieces for Metal Detectors Detectable Test Pieces for Metal Detectors The performance and accuracy of metal detectors is of utmost importance. Klipspringer test wands are available in a selection of ball sizes from 0.5 to 20.0mm in ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel options. Colour coded for visual identification. View products
ESD and Anti-static Equipment ESD and Anti-static Equipment ESD protection range for volatile areas: anti static brushes/tools, non-sparking tools & conductive/static discharge equipment. Order now from Klipspringer View products
Lockout Stations, Tagout Stations and Padlocks Lockout Stations, Tagout Stations and Padlocks Klipspringer is pleased to introduce the MasterLock range of lock-out solutions; a perfect combination with our bespoke lock-out and tag-out stations. View products
Safety Matting Safety Matting We have a wide range of floor safety matting, ideal for the workplace. Shop online for your commercial rubber safety mats with same day dispatch available. View products