Segregation Screens

Klipspringer’s range of segregation solutions is a truly innovative breakthrough for food manufacturers. Developed alongside industry professionals, these screens serve a wide range of uses from hygiene washdowns to allergen production segregation.
Introducing SegriScreen

Why choose SegriScreen

  • Washdown and hygiene cleaning screens

  • Allergen segregation

  • Ingredient storage partitions

  • Vegan production

  • Maintenance or engineering barriers

  • High risk zoning

  • Staff flow and route control
What are some typical applications?

  • Pivoting connections allow versatile use around machinery and production lines

  • Impenetrable barrier for water spray and people

  • Rapid set-up time, with two different height options

  • 5 colour options with bespoke printing option for clear instruction messaging

  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning and minimal bacteria harbourage

  • Robust, factory-safe design with stainless steel construction

  • Screens nest for compact storage when not in use