Other Instrumentation and Parameters

Anemometers & Airflow Measurement Anemometers & Airflow Measurement Thermal and rotary vane anemometers monitor air flow at CCPs. Not only determine air velocity but confirm directional flow. View products
Callipers Callipers Range of robust micrometers and calipers, highly accurate and ideal for use in food industry and lab environment. View products
Chlorine Testing Chlorine Testing Chlorine can be used providing a more economical and hygienic processes. We provide products to ensure your able to check and ensure your chlorine is kept at a safe level. View products
LAQUAtwin Pocket Meters LAQUAtwin Pocket Meters Pocket measurement meters with a range of measurements from pH to different types of minerals. View products
Light Meters Light Meters Light meters for measuring illuminance and light distribution in working and production areas to ensure safety and productivity. View products
Salt Measurement & Titration Salt Measurement & Titration Salt content measurement traditionally relies on titration. The VSSX210 salt meter provides on the spot assessment of acceptable salt levels. View products
Temperature Validation Labels Temperature Validation Labels Temperature validation labels that enable simple and cost effective temperature monitoring. Great for process validation. View products
Test Strips Test Strips Range of test strips, measuring a range of different chemicals including chlorine, nitrates, etc. View products