Antimicrobial Door Handle Covers

Just how clean are your door handles? 

Door handles and push plates are two of the fastest surfaces that spread bacteria and viruses around the factory, yet these risks are often overlooked. Independent tests show the Klipspringer self-cleaning, antimicrobial door handles and push plates kill 99.9% of bacteria, and are 96.4% cleaner than a standard door handle.

Key features

  • Improves hygiene.
  • Reduces cost and disruption caused by staff sickness.
  • Red indicator shows when handle/push plate needs replacing (usually within 6-12 months)
  • No chemicals or poisons – simply harmless silver ions.
  • Extremely robust and sturdy.  
  • Zero maintenance required.  
  • Proven to be effective against Coronavirus. 
  • Used by leading brands such as Unilever, Walkers & Morrisons.