Shadow Boards & Visual Management

Good food hygiene practice suggests all cleaning tools and production utensils should be stored properly when not in use.

It is a well reported statistic that over 60% of non conformance issues arising through audits nationwide relate to poor housekeeping and care of small manufacturing and hygiene utensils.

Klipspringer offers a wide range of wall storage, mobile storage and hanging systems for the Klipspringer range of colour coded food grade tools. The hygienic design of our shadow boards, wall brackets, rails, hooks and holders does not compromise their durability or ease of use. 

Correct tool storage will keep your cleaning equipment in good condition, extending its working life. This in turn reduces your consumable expenditure. 

Whether you are embarking on a lean management programme, responding to auditor demands or simply looking to reduce unnecessary damage to your equipment, Klipspringer can provide you with an appropriate utensil storage solution. Ask us about:

  • Bespoke shadow boards designed for the harsh rigors of food production environments
  • Stainless steel hooks and holders
  • Colour coded foodgrade plastic hooks and holders.

Browse the range below or call 01473 461800 to discuss your application with our team.

Bespoke Shadow Boards Bespoke Shadow Boards Improve segregation, allergen and speciation control in your factory with colour coded bespoke Shadow Boards from Klipspringer. View products
visual management klipspringer Bespoke Signage & Visual Management Bring your messages to life! Klipspringer visual management solutions will help you to improve compliance. View products
'Buy it now' Cleaning Stations 'Buy it now' Cleaning Stations Klipspringer's range of standard shadow boards offer up our best selling designs, options and colours further simplifying the purchasing process. View products
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Face Visor Stations Face Visor Stations Sanitisation and storage of reusable face shields is equally as critical to control risk of infection - bespoke designs available. View products
Wall Rails, Hooks & Holders Wall Rails, Hooks & Holders Klipspringer's colour coded utensil hanging system is accepted by many to be the most effective available. Choose from food contact approved plastic, stainless steel or the new one-piece Multi-Hook. View products
Magnets Magnets The answer to hygienic fixings in food production and clean room environments. Removes the need for drilling, screwing and masticing items to factory walls - this greatly reduces bug traps and damage to walling. View products