Allergen & Hygiene Monitoring

Klipspringer’s range of Rapid Allergen Test Kits, along with our Hygiene Monitoring System, will make it easier than ever for you to verify and validate the cleaning procedures at your site.

With the A3 system capable of detecting all forms of organic residue on a surface or in rinse water, it will help you to secure effective cleans and predict the results of your allergen tests. You can then follow up this testing with our range of Lateral Flow Tests. By using the systems in tandem, you can be more certain of a pass result, only testing surfaces for allergens once the A3 system has confirmed the absence of organic residue.
Hygiene Monitoring Hygiene Monitoring From positive release tests through to hygiene audits, the A3 System is an advance on conventional ATP meters as it measures more than just ATP, also including the broken-down products of ATP, ADP and AMP. View products
Allergen Testing Allergen Testing Klipspringer’s extensive range of Rapid Allergen Test Kits allow you to detect the following allergens: Egg (Ovalbumin), Casein, Gluten, Soya, Peanut, Crustacean, and Buckwheat. View products