Stainless Steel Equipment

Our range of stainless steel equipment is food contact approved, extremely durable and designed to provide strength whilst maximising on hygiene features. Take advantage of our large stockholding and order by 4pm for same-day despatch!  Some of our most popular stainless steel products include:

PPE Dispensers - Improve hygiene standards and create safe working practices, with the option of magnetic wall mounting for ultimate versatility and hygiene.
Document Holders & Storage Boxes - Create an organised and tidy workspace, whilst maintaining maximum hygiene standards.
Jugs and Scoops - Our jugs and scoops are available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements, thoughtfully designed to be comfortable and easy to use.
Stationery - From scissors and rulers through to ring binders, all of our stationery items are designed for maximum durability and hygiene.
Tote Bins - With unbeatable durability and strength, our EuroBins and lids offer a hygienic solution for factory floors, with visual stands available to mount important documents. 
Clipboards & Clips - Manufactured from brushed stainless steel, these are a must-have for factory paperwork and quality checks, with a useful lip for safe document retention.
Hand & Floor Scrapers - Find the right food contact or floor scraper for your application with a large selection of colours and sizes.
Buckets - Fitted with heavy duty handles for safety, and strong base rims for robustness and improved hygiene.  Choose from 7, 10, 12 or 15 litres.