Hygiene Brushes

More than 500 combinations of food contact approved Hygiene Brushware.  

Klipspringer's hygiene brushware range is available in up to 11 distinct and unmistakable colours, including grey, brown and pink.  Whatever your application demands, be it cleaning moving machine parts or difficult-to-reach work areas, we offer a suitable hygiene sweeper, brush or broom designed specifically for that purpose.

Features of Klipspringer colour coded brushware:
- Super smooth finish in support of best hygiene practice.
- Strong and secure anchorage for all bristles.
- Manufactured on European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) member facilities.
- FDA cleared.Certified food grade / food contact approved.
- PBT bristle fill for outstanding wear and water resistance.
- In addition to the most popular professional range, options for resin-set, high-heat and waterfed brushware are also available.
- Used extensively by the biggest food brands in the UK. 

Need help identifying which brush is best suited to your application?  Speak to our specialist hygiene brushware team on 01473 461800. 

Hygiene Sweepers Hygiene Sweepers Klipspringer's colour coded hygiene sweepers are available in a variety of filament trims in all 11 colours - soft flagged, extra soft, soft/medium, medium/stiff, combination and lobby sweepers. View products
Tank, Tube and Bottle Brushes Tank, Tube and Bottle Brushes Removing residue from tanks, pipes and tubes can be a daunting task. KsPrism's range of food contact approved brushes is available in various sizes to ensure effective cleaning. View products
Brooms, Scrubs and Deck Scrubs Brooms, Scrubs and Deck Scrubs From short and long bristle brooms, to extra stiff deck scrubs, Klipspringer's range includes specialist high/low and wide-angled brushware for ultimate efficiency in scrubbing regardless of angle of work. View products
Hand, Bannister and Bakers Brushes Hand, Bannister and Bakers Brushes Klipspringer's colour coded handheld brushware for light-duty sweeping, including specialist bread, flour and glazing brushes for bakery applications. View products
Machine and Utility Brushes Machine and Utility Brushes Cleaning small narrow gaps and heavily soiled machine parts requires specifically designed brushware . KsPrism's machine and utility brushes are food contact approved. View products
Hand Scrub Brushes Hand Scrub Brushes Ergonomically designed hand scrub brushes with stiff bristles. Available in all 11 KsPrism colours. View products
Churn Brushes Churn Brushes From soft-flagged, waterfed churn brushes, to extended nose bristle churn brushes, Klipspringer's range of colour coded, food contact approved churn brushes is available in all 11 colours. View products
Waterfed and Washing Brushes Waterfed and Washing Brushes A range of professional food contact approved and colour coded waterfed brushware, including rubber-edged and handheld options. View products
High Reach Brushware High Reach Brushware Cleaning those high reach areas and pipes effectively can be troublesome. KsPrism's food contact approved flexible high reach brushware allows you to adjust brush shape for best results. View products
Detectable Brushes Detectable Brushes Take metal detection and quality control one step further by using KsPrism brushware with detectable bristles. Manufactured from food contact approved materials. View products
High Heat Brushes High Heat Brushes When the heat is really on, KsPrism's food contact approved high-heat brushes with peek bristles can withstand temperatures of up 250°C. View products
Resin-Set Brushes Resin-Set Brushes For that extra degree of protection, KsPrism's range of coloured food contact approved resin-set brushware includes sweepers, bannister and churn brushes, hand scrubs and long handled brushes. View products