ATFE510-1 Thermometer (unit only)

Totally waterproof thermometer and resilient to steam and condensation. Uses Thermocouple Type T electronics and is capable of reading up to 300°C.

Thermometer unit only - click here for compatible probes and view calibration options here.
Code: ATFE510-1

28 Available

Code: ATFE510-1
Availability: 28 Available

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Built on the proven success of the ATFX410-1 and the ATFX420-1, the ATFE510-1 enables accurate and reliable temperature measurement with an excellent response time.

Penetration, immersion, air and between-pack probes are available to ensure optimum performance in every application.

Thermometer unit only. To view the range of temperature probes that suit the ATFE510-1 thermometer, please click here.

Accuracy± 0.5°CBattery lifeApprox. 5 years
CertificationFree issue certificate suppliedDimensions (mm)109 x 54 x 22mm
IP ratingIP67Measuring range-50°...+300°C
Operating Ambient (Temperature)-25°...+50°CResolution0.1°C
SensorType T thermocoupleWarranty2 years
ApplicationHigh risk production
Low risk production
Chill chain distribution