ECVP100 Verifier

Calibration verifier (UKAS certificated) for checking accuracy of thermometer electronics. Compatible with ATFX series instruments.
Code: ECVP100

4 Available

Code: ECVP100
Availability: 4 Available

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 Remove the need for multiple test caps

Verifiers perform the same function as standard test caps, providing temperature simulation at fixed points. With a 3-position switch, precise reference points -18°C, 0° and 100°C can be verified in quick succession.

The initial outlay is quickly recouped as one certificate of calibration replaces three certificates for separate test caps year after year!

Accuracy±0.1°C (±0.01%)CertificationUKAS 3 point certificate.
Dimensions (mm)140 x 62 x 27mmInstrument typeCompatible with ATFX410-1 and ATFX420-1 thermometers.
Inspection and enforcement
Chill chain distribution