Heavy Duty Teflon Ph Electrode

Spear point fitted with porous Teflon junction to avoid fouling means this electrode is suitable for a wide range of demanding pH applications.

  • Teflon closed junction - particularly good for high protein samples filtering out protein better than standard junctions 
  • Straight edge tip design significantly improves it from fouling - making it easier to clean 
  • Wide reference junction resulting in quick response times with less ‘noise’ and ‘drift’ making it last significantly longer then standard electrodes

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Availability: 10 Available

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 Heavy duty semi-solids spear tipped electrode

Toughened glass spear tip with a plastic body, a more robust design for such industries as food and beverages. Teflon junction to avoid fouling and easier cleaning. So can be used for a wider range for applications than the P19 including semi solid food items, such as hard cheese, meats, doughs.

Dimensions (mm)8mmElectrode bodyTeflon, glass tip
JunctionsPorous Teflon Junction Ag/AgCl - Gel filledMaterialPVC, Glass
pH range0...14
Dairy products
Semi-solid foods
High protein