Hygienic Factory Magnets

The answer to hygienic fixings in food production and clean room environments.  Removes the need for drilling, screwing and masticing items to factory walls - this greatly reduces bug traps and damage to walling.  Compatible with all magnetic walling material.  
  • Encapsulated design - no bug traps, easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel thread - great for use where hygiene is of all importance. 
  • Exceptional breakaway strength!
  • Can reduce your insurance premiums - by eliminating the need to drill into walls.
  • Quicker and easier to clean. 
  • Ex-stock - on site tomorrow!
Suitable for a wide range of applications including; shadow boards, PPE dispensers, document holders, sanitiser stations, engineering parts and components, the list is endless!

Bolts not included please order SB4016B separately
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Code: WPG7872
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