The issues surrounding traditional methods of routine temperature probe verification are well documented, as are the benefits of using LazaPort calibrators.  Thanks to the LazaPort Mono, this technology is now accessible to smaller applications such as commercial kitchens, contract caterers, hospitality, restaurants and fine dining.  

  • Verifies the accuracy of your thermometers and probes together at the most meaningful reference temperature: 75°C.
  • Extremely accurate ±0.3°C.
  • Compatible with 90% of temperature probes (works with all 3.3, 3.5 and 4.7 mm diameter probes). 
  • Ready to use in just 15 minutes.  
  • Saves time.
  • Reduces health and safety risks. 
  • Improves food safety and compliance.
Make your in-house temperature probe calibration schedule full traceable to UKAS - the LazaPort Mono is available with a UKAS calibration certificate for the ultimate in your traceability and compliance.

Code: ECMP1-75375

5 Available

Code: ECMP1-75375
Availability: 5 Available

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Klipspringer developed the LazaPort Calibrator series nearly 20 years ago to make probe thermometer calibration safer, smarter and simpler.  Now in its third generation, LazaPortMONO answers the cry for a more practical solution for commercial kitchens, restaurants, contract caterers, dark kitchens and general food service and hospitality.  But why use the LazaPort MONO?

Traditional methods such as ice and boiling water present many problems:

  • Accuracy - constantly chasing falling temperatures in an unstable, uncontrolled test medium.
  • Health & Safety - risk of scalds and burns.
  • Time consuming - too slow when probes need checking more and more frequently.
  • Lots of preparation and maintenance.
  • Incomplete - test caps only test the thermometer and not the probe (which is where the majority of accuracy issues are).

How does the LazaPort MONO overcome these problems?

  1. Checks thermometers and probe together.
  2. Stable reference point with an accuracy of ±0.3°C - not only is this more accurate and reliable, it also makes checking your probe thermometers quicker!
  3. Reference temperature is displayed on the clear display, making it easier and quicker to complete your calibration log.
  4. Can be calibrated to UKAS standard.  This removes the need for a reference thermometer and provides complete traceability. 
  5. Eliminates all the hassle and preparation time - simply switch it and leave for 15 minutes to stabilise.
  6. Compatible with the vast majority of temperature probes currently in use already.
Safely calibrate at 75°C
Certified to UKAS and accurate to +/- 0.3°C
Already proved in hundreds of factories globally
Saves time - making your procedures more managable.
Checks thermometers and probes together.
Zero manual preparation or clear up required