LuciPac A3 Water Swabs for Lumitester 3A Smart (box of 100)

Highly sensitive cleanliness test kit for testing cleanliness levels of water and other liquid samples.

Use only with VLTA-01 Lumitester A3 SMART.

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You can also read a comparative piece on conventional ATP tests and the more accurate A3 System.

Plus, click here to access a Help Guide for setting up and using the system.

Finally, take a closer look at the role of A3 technology in different industries:

Code: VLTA-30
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Code: VLTA-30
Availability: Normally stocked, please enquire
£273.90Order more and save!See pricing table below.

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Ultra-sensitive swab kit detects all organic residues and microorganisms in liquids. 

The system enables hygiene monitoring within seconds and can provide information on insufficient cleaning processes or hygiene status. This allows, for example, an objective reading of the purity of "cleaning in place" water samples.

A3 technology detects not only ATP (adenosine triphosphate), but also the lower-energy molecules, ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and AMP (adenosine monophosphate). This represents a technological advancement over conventional ATP tests, as it significantly increases reading sensitivity. This is particularly important when dealing with heated and processed foods, as ATP is degraded to ADP and AMP during these processes and difficult to detect with conventional ATP tests.

Swab Storage Conditions

The LuciPac A3 Swabs should be stored at 2-8°C and should never be frozen. Under these conditions, they should be suitable for use until the expiry date on the box. We endeavour to supply the swabs with an expiry date of 12 months minimum. Alternatively, if you choose to store the swabs at 25°C, they will last 14 days unopened, and if you store them at 30°C, they will last five days unopened. Working closely with a team of microbiologists, Klipspringer provides ongoing support for your A3 system. This involves helping you to choose the right number of swabs for each order and giving you the option of staggering your deliveries to secure swabs with the optimum lifespan.
Incubation time 10 secEvaluation Bioluminescence
Packaging inc.100 swab sticks (5 x 20 each) for 100 determinations.Storage Conditions2-8°C (Do not freeze)
Storage Conditions at 25°C14 days (Unopened)Storage Conditions at 30°C5 days (Unopened)