Microfibre Socket Mop

The M1419 microfibre socket mop replaces the M1417 microfibre socket mop. New design with increased durability and strength in the threaded section for attaching handle, as well as increased mop weight for even greater results. Delivers all the advantages of microfibre mopping with the functionality and ease of use of a traditional socket mop - achieve greater results and cleaner surfaces with less effort. Compatible with all standard threaded Klipspringer handles, available in 8 colours including orange and purple.
Code: WPG7860
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Code: WPG7860
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Case Quantity24MaterialMicrofibre
Weight195gFeaturesNew heavy duty threaded section for attaching handle to mop. Increased material weight for greater mopping performance. Full colour mop for more effective colour coding.
Compatible handlesAll Klipspringer threaded handlesMachine washableYes
Why use Microfibre mops?Rather than traditional mops which move dirt around, microfibre mops pick up the dirt and remove it from the floor. Remember to frequently rinse your microfibre mop and change your mopping water reguarly. Colour optionsSee colour swatch above.