Nylon Wall Rail Hook

Food contact approved, reinforced nylon hook compatible with Klipspringer wall rail system. Fits all standard size hanging eyelets. Available in 10 colours.
Code: WPG791
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Code: WPG791
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Facilitates effective storage in line with audit requirements and minimises risk of damage to equipment.  

Compatible with most small hygiene and production utensils with single hanging eyelets, such as handheld brushes, scrapers and pans, as well as KsPrism ergo production bucket. Can also be used for handle mounted floor brushware. squeegees etc where storage hooks are more preferable than clamp holders.   

To add to KsPrism wall rail, remove end cap from rail and slide hook along rail before replacing end cap.  Interference fit strikes the correct balance between holding hook in position without rattling, and being able to slide along rail during installation.