PHT810 Handheld pH Meter

A durable handheld pH meter suitable for the rigours of a production environment.
Code: PHT810

16 Available

Code: PHT810
Availability: 16 Available

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Reliable, easy to use handheld pH meter with plastic housing, manual temperature compensation (MTC) and useful Hold, Min and Max facility. Calibration simply effected via keypad. Suitable for laboratory or production pH monitoring, with robust IP67 waterproof housing suited for wet environments.  Universal BNC connector allows choice of electrode most suited to application.  View the range of detachable electrodes here.

Battery lifeApprox. 4 yearsDimensions (mm)110 x54 x 22mm
HighlightsStrong, ergonomic pocket pH meterMemoryHolds last sample
Operating Ambient (Temperature)-10°...+50°CParameterspH/°C
pH accuracy± 0.03 pHpH calibration pointsUp to 3
pH range0.00...14.000pHpH resolution0.01 pH
Warranty2 yearsIP ratingIP67 (unit only)