Temperature Comparator Pot for Infrared Thermometers

Simply check the accuracy of your infrared thermometers using this comparator pot with a calibrated reference thermometer

Probe thermometers can also be checked against a reference probe using the 2nd hole in the pot base 

Code: EIRC4

45 Available

Code: EIRC4
Availability: 45 Available

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How to use the Comparator Pot to verify Infrared Thermometers:

  1. Using a calibrated and accurate thermometer (ideally your reference thermometer), insert the probe into the base port and ensure the reading is stable.
  2. Hold the infrared thermometer directly over the mouth of the comparator pot and beam onto the base section.
  3. Compare the readings of the infrared against the reference probe.  The difference (if any) indicates the accuracy drift of the infrared thermometer.
  4. If the accuracy drift is outside of your allowed tolerance, we would recommend contacting the Klipspringer Service Team for prompt assessment of your instrument.