Food Industry Thermometers

Klipspringer stocks an exclusive range of probe thermometers for the food industry, including the well-reputed Ebro brand. View the products below for more information on the features and benefits that make Klipspringer thermometers the industry's preferred choice. Here you will find waterproof probe thermometers as well as probes designed to withstand the harsh demands of food production environments – Klipspringer is the trusted choice for industry-leading thermometer probes.

A thermometer for every application - food temperature probes, meat temperature probes, bakery probes as well as dairy thermometers and front-of-counter retail temperature solutions.

All our digital food temperature probes are designed for measuring temperature of foodstuffs quickly and accurately. Built to the highest standards, you can rely on these products to withstand heavy use for many years without detriment to performance. Choose Klipspringer for thermometers that last.