Market-leading hygiene squeegees for the food and beverage industry.

Removing water and condensation from floors, walls and ceilings is paramount for an effective hygiene regime in any factory or distribution hub. The Klipspringer range of squeegees is available in 11 food grade colours to support segregation and hygiene control.

Single blade super-hygiene squeegee

Supple and durable rubber blades on our ultra-hygiene single-blade squeegees ensures no surface liquid is left to pool and is the tried and tested favourite of hygiene managers nationwide. Available in a selection of widths from 300 to 700 mm.

Industrial Squeegees

Push or pull - the result is the same. The squeegee body is designed to present a plastic blade edge when flipped through 180°, encouraging stubborn residues along with liquids. No cracks or crevices – a truly supple super hygiene commercial squeegee that will last. Available in up to 11 distinct colours.

All Klipspringer squeegees are compatible with our standard range of colour coded hygiene handles. If you need advice or assistance with your purchase, please call Klipspringer on 01473 461 800. All orders received by 4pm will be dispatched same day!