LEBI-11 Validation Loggers

Whether you are monitoring pasteurisation units or validating temperature processes, only robust, high accuracy data loggers can meet the standards required for reliable and reproducible process safety.
LEBI-11 Loggers have a stainless steel casing and probe - offering strength and durability. They are incredibly compact, making them the perfect choice for applications with limited space. They are also the idea size to be placed inside individual bags, cans, and bottles. Here are just some of the features they provide:

  • Temperature range of -30°C to +150°C
  • Pressure: 1mbar to 10.000 mbar.
  • Measuring interval: 1s to 24hrs.
  • Different temperature ranges and probe lengths available.
  • Rapid calculation of F0 and PU values.
  • Food-safe and FDA-compliant stainless steel housing
  • Compatible with Winlog.pro FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software.
  • IP68 protection.
And here are just some of the applications they are suited to:

Batch and continuous baking ovens, continuous linear cookers and freezers, full water autoclaves, spray water autoclaves, pasteurs, smoke chambers, and continuous fryers. Click here for more information.