SegriScreen Extension/ Additional Screen

Additional screen to extend the length of your Master SegriScreen. Creates a visual, effective and hygiene-friendly partition. 2 height options available - 1.8 and 2.25m.  Bespoke printing available on request.
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Code: WPG1021
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 SegriScreen is Klipspringer's unique family of mobile screens, designed for the food industry. 

Available in two different height options, the original SegriScreen creates an effective modular partition.  The water-resistant screen material wraps completely around frame and extends to just 65mm from the floor to form a complete barrier.  Multiple SegriScreens can be connected together in a straight line to form a long a barrier as required, or used individually.

The extension/additional screen is designed to extend the length of your master screen.  It is recommended to start with the FS7290/FS7306

Use SegriScreen for:

 - Hygiene, washdowns and clean-downs
 - Engineering and maintenance barriers
 - Line segregation
 - Allergen segregation 
 - Health & Safety barriers
 - Visual management

SegriScreen benefits:
 - Improve segregation
 - Reduce cross-contamination 
 - Reduce downtime
 - Increase production efficiency
- Support best practice

Why use SegriScreen?
 - Creates a continuous barrier.
 - Modular system - add or remove as many SegriScreens as required. 
 - Easy to move.
 - Nests for storage and transportation. 
 - Stainless steel frame and wheel units - designed with food factory hygiene standards in mind.
 - Waterproof screen material.
 - Food factory friendly - no stitching. 
 - Individually serial number for traceability. 
 - Screen material component can be alternated and/or replaced.
 - Available from stock for quick delivery. 
 - Bespoke print option available - add personalised safety or production messages to your SegriScreens to boost effectiveness (see examples above).  [For print options, please add product code FS7299 to your cart and our production team will be in contact for design details.]