Stainless Steel wall rail holder

Stainless steel holder with rubber clamp, compatible with Klipspringer wall rail system.
Code: WPG888
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Code: WPG888
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Food contact approved stainless steel holder with colour coded rubber clamp.  Available in 2 sizes for standard aluminium handles (22-32mm ∅), as well as ergonomic and one-piece handles (28-38mm ∅). Clamp closes as handle is pushed in, maintaining firm grip until handle is removed by pulling away from clamp. Stainless steel construction with rubber clamp designed to be heavy duty and hardwearing for the most demanding production environments.  Unique clamp design maintains firm hold of all types of handle even when damp, ensuring hygiene and production utensils do not 'slip' to the ground.  

To add to KsPrism wall rail, remove end cap from rail and slide hook along rail. Once in desired position secure by tightening hex-head using Allen key (not provided). Replace colour coded end cap in wall rail.