Klipspringer offers a range of optical and digital refractometers to suit every application. These refractometers are commonly used to measure sugar, starch, and salinity levels. Within the range there are:

  • Optical Refractometers: easy-to-use and easy-to-clean. Featuring a thermal insulated hand grip, IP65 water resistance, and an anti-roll design.
  • Portable Digital Refractometers : offering increased accuracy, a library of 50 scales, IP65 water resistance, a read time of two seconds, and the option to pre-set three different scales.
  • Benchtop Refractometers: increased durability and accuracy, a more extensive method system, and a larger memory capacity.

You can click here to access a guide that explains the different types of refractometers, plus the best way to care for your equipment.