MiniBoard (printed)

MiniBoards with bespoke printed message, allowing you to present bespoke instructions with each Klipspringer wall rail system.
Code: WPG670
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Code: WPG670
Availability: 6-8 Weeks

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Where space or budget do not allow for Shadow Boards, MiniBoards provide an excellent alternative, not only allowing you to identify which utensils should be present on the wall rail, but also making provision to reinforce departmental headings and key messages such as "Clean utensils before returning to rail".  

To add to wall rail, remove end cap from rail and slide hook along rail.  Interference fit strikes the correct balance between holding hook in position without rattling, and being able to slide along rail during installation.

Available in all 10 food contact approved colours; white, blue, red, yellow, green, black, orange, purple, grey and brown.